Residential Solar Power - Neighborhood Power
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NPC installs a professionally designed solar system on your property allowing you to generate your own electricity, from the sun, at a lower rate than you can purchase it from your current utility, giving you immediate savings.

You purchase the power that you generate. You pay NPC for the power produced. It’s just that simple!

No credit? No Problem!
No loan required
No leases necessary
No money down
No hidden fees
No one rejected


By producing your own solar power locally, you are eliminating some of the inherent costs associated with the utility. For example: the cost of fuel (the sun is our fuel). Since the solar array is on your roof, there is no need to transport the energy across vast distances that require large infrastructures. All of this together allows solar power to be generated at a fixed lower cost than most utilities.


20-50% savings guaranteed
for 25 years!
Never pay utility rates again!

  • NPC owns the solar system.
  • NPC installs it.
  • You simple purchase the power it produces.
  • NPC handles ALL the maintenance and warranty.
  • No added hassle, just clean renewable energy at a lower cost.
  • Because you don’t pay for the system, you don’t wait for the savings.

Additional Benefits

  • Rent or own
  • Property in Trust
  • DHHL (Dept. of Hawaiian Homelands) residences
  • We also offer “Off-grid” or “Hybrid” options

If you’ve been considering solar power, now is the right time!