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What is Community Solar

Community solar is a new state program that enables businesses, homeowners and renters to support 100% local clean solar energy and receive 5-10% savings on their electric bills.

Community solar power is generated from a central solar farm near you and shared by multiple participants. You no longer need to have solar panels on your property to get the benefits of solar power for your home or business.

When you join a community solar farm you are helping to put more clean energy onto the electrical grid and lower air pollution for everyone.

Here’s How It Works

The Oregon Community Solar Program gives customers the option to join a community solar farm and receive credits back on their utility bill. There are no signup fees nor cancellation costs. Our farms are free to join.

For more details about the benefits of solar farms, what income and household size qualifies for the highest 20% savings rates, and utility bill examples to see what the credits will look like, download the Info Slides below and check out our FAQs.

Info Slides

Community Solar Infographic

Check out our one-minute video for more about how solar farms work.

Join One of Neighborhood Power’s
Community Solar Farms Today!


Got Questions? Email, Call (503) 305-9398 or Check Out Our FAQs.

Current Open Projects

Upcoming Projects

River Valley Solar Farm: 2,592kWs open for PGE customers
Kawela CBRE Solar Farm: 390kWs open for MECO customers on Molokai
Mendes CBRE Solar Farm: 390kWs open for HELCO customers

Oregon Community Solar Program

Neighborhood Power is a Registered Project Manager within the Oregon Community Solar Program. The Oregon Community Solar Program is a state-enabled initiative overseen by the Oregon Public Utility Commission and implemented by Energy Solutions, The Energy Trust of Oregon, and Community Energy Project. The Program provides resources and certification for its Project Managers (PM) but does not promote any individual PM or PM affiliated organization. For more information about the program, call 1-800-481-0510 or email info@oregoncsp.org.

Annual savings of 5% for qualified business and residential subscribers for each solar kilowatt hours purchased by subscription. Low or moderate income subscribers may qualify for higher savings up to 20% annually for each solar kilowatt hour purchased by subscription. All subscriber savings will vary based on weather and the performance of the community solar farm. Contact Neighborhood Power for additional details and qualifications.